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Formation House on

Spencer Burke and I caught up in March 2009 after The Emerging Church conference in Albuquerque, New Mexcio. We talked about some of the expressions of community life that we have encountered, and the hope that Formation House will be a place to learn sustainable rhythms for living with others. Check out the clip below, and for the whole conversation, click here.

Defining Moments: Pitzer College Reunion

In May 2009, I had the joy of returning to Pitzer College for Alumni Reunion Weekend. As part of their Defining Moments series, I shared with them about turns in my life that lead to my new monastic journey. Also in this session was a compelling talk given by Prof. Jose Calderon, which can be seen here.

Praxis Podcast Conversations

Prior to the beginnings of Formation House, though in love with monastic life, I was struggling to find a home community. In the Praxis Podcast, I talk with hosts Kevin and D.G. about this experience, as well as prayer, peace, and my favorite noise.

Praxis Podcast Part 1

Praxis Podcast Part 2

Praxis Podcast Part 3